Residential Buildings

The Residential Building Systems (RBS) group works on problems associated with residential building integration involving modeling, measurement, design, and operation. Our research predominantly focuses on Decarbonization and Energy Reductions in homes together with Indoor Air Quality, Moisture and other topics related to air movement in buildings.

RoadmapROADMAP for Home Decarbonization

Decarbonizing the US housing stock is a complex and difficult undertaking. This report summarizes the challenges in getting to scale to decarbonize large numbers of existing homes. It identifies key opportunities for overcoming these challenges based on three key priorities:

  • Develop solutions for all households
  • Make home dearbonization affordable
  • Support the US clean energy economy

This report provides targeted guidance and background information to help residential building decarbonization initiatives succeed and supports the US Department of Energy's Building Technology Office goal to achieve low/no carbon emission in existing homes by 2050.

DOCUMENT to download HERE

We have also prepared some simple Q&A's to supplement this report.


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