Project Results

The project results can be downloaded from the following links. The Final Project Report summarizes the field measurements from the 70 test homes. Appendix A contains the results of a survey of more than 2500 households in California to determine people's perceptions about IAQ in their homes. Appendix B summarizes the simulations that were carried our to look a the effects of envelope air tightness together with mechanical ventilation requirements on energy use of California homes. The field testing in the main body of the report was pilot tested in a few homes in more detail and the results of this pilot study are in Appendix C. In the field study, the occupants were asked to fill out a daily log of their activities, and this log is included as Appendix D. All of these documents are available in a single large document: HENGH Final Report with Appendixes.

The summary presentation is the final project presentation given to the Energy Commission at the end of the project and summarizes all phases of the project.

The fact sheet is a one-page high level summary of the study that outlines the purpose of the study and major findings.

Download Links

HENGH Final Project Report with Appendices [PDF]

HENGH Final Project Report [PDF]
APPENDIX A: IAQ Survey Results from the Healthy, Efficient, New Gas Homes Study [PDF]
APPENDIX B: Title 24 Fan Sizing and Airtightness Requirements for New California Homes [PDF]
APPENDIX C: Healthy Efficient New Gas Homes (HENGH) Pilot Test Results [PDF]
APPENDIX D: Daily Activity Log and Occupant Survey [PDF]

HENGH Summary Presentation [PDF]

HENGH Fact Sheet [PDF]