Healthy, Efficient, New Gas Homes (HENGH)

HENGH is short for Healthy, Efficient, New Gas Homes. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is conducting this research project, funded by the California Energy Commission. HENGH is designed to collect and analyze indoor air quality (IAQ) related field data and occupant perceptions from new natural gas homes in California, in order to answer two key questions.

  1. How are homes built to the Title 24 2008 standards performing with respect to ventilation-related criteria?
  2. How can adequate ventilation and good IAQ be provided while reducing infiltration and its related energy use?

This project aims to remove barriers to energy efficiency and help protect the health, safety, and comfort of new homes in California. HENGH has three major activities:

Based on a combination of field data and simulations, this research will recommend future versions of Title 24 to enable zero-net energy homes in meeting California's 2020 goal. The project is expected to be completed in early 2018.