The Home Energy Saver Web Site

March 16, 1999

The Home Energy Saver web site is a comprehensive energy calculator and information portal for homeowners and renters. We've added a simplified calculation track-reached by entering your zip code on the top page-which performs an entire home analysis based on a short list of questions. We've upgraded the Energy Advisor track, for users who want to vary a larger number of details about their home. The new "Making it Happen" module helps consumers successfully capitalize on energy savings opportunities. Here users will find a host of links to practical information from hundreds of other web destination, ranging from lists of specific efficient products ... to tips about selecting a good contractor ... to information on what assistance your utility might have to offer. Users will find the site heavily illustrated with graphic and text excerpts from the "No Regrets Remodeling Book," recently published by Home Energy Magazine. We've made extensive navigation improvements plus hardware and software upgrades that improve speed and performance.