Deep Energy Retrofit Cost Data

Berkeley Lab is currently conducting a study to benchmark the cost of actual DER projects in the U.S. We are seeking home performance contractors and deep energy retrofit programs to submit cost information and related documents from past projects from 2010 onwards. Data contributions from other sources are also welcome, including from architects, engineers or remodeling contractors. All submitted project data should include a breakdown of project costs, with different tasks/measures associated with their own line-item costs. Here is an example cost breakdown to guide your contribution. 

Our research team will analyze submitted projects to break them down into cost categories for different energy efficiency measures and approaches. The project results will be used to assist the U.S. Department of Energy in planning future research activities to reduce DER project costs and to expand market adoption.

Pie Chart of Cost Data 


What types of projects are accepted? 

Any whole home energy upgrade project completed in the past 10-years in the U.S. can be submitted. 

Whole home energy upgrades - projects that address multiple building systems/components (e.g., hot water, HVAC, appliances, lights) and target substantial energy/carbon reductions. ANY mix of energy saving measures/strategies is welcome. Examples: super-insulation retrofit projects, weatherization projects that are paired with heat pumps and solar PV.  

What data to submit? 

At a minimum, each project submitted should have information on one or more of the following:

  • Bids / contracts
  • Material or equipment costs
  • Change orders
  • Basic home characteristics: location, floor area

We also welcome (but DO NOT require) supplemental project information, such as:

  • Other home characteristics, such as building type and year built
  • Project length (how long did it take)
  • Building permit records
  • Energy model summary files
  • Engineering and architectural drawings
  • Site photos
  • Energy usage data 
  • Energy audit report or other project summary sources
  • Presentation materials

What file formats are accepted? 

All file formats are acceptable, including spreadsheets, pdfs, image files or word processor files.

Will I be compensated for sharing cost data? 

Yes, the first 30 participants can receive $300 for providing cost data from a minimum of 5 projects.  Our research team will review your data to check for completeness. In order to receive the payment (check), your company must complete the Berkeley Lab supplier forms

What information to avoid? 

To protect your customers’ privacy, please avoid sharing their personal information such as  a personal email address, home phone number, or utility account number with us. 

If any personal customer information is included in uploaded files, we will redact any identifiable information and will destroy the original files containing the personal information. The redacted files will be kept and used in our data collection effort. 

How will my data be used? 

Our research team will analyze submitted projects to break them down into cost categories for different energy efficiency measures. We will summarize anonymized, aggregated results in technical publications and materials for government and industry. The data you provide will be anonymized and no results will be associated with a particular company or individual. 

How will my data be protected? 

Only our research team will have access to your files. We will only share anonymized cost data that does not contain your company name or contact information in our reporting.

Who do I contact for more information? 

Email [email protected] for more information. 


Principal Investigator(s): 
Iain Walker
Team Members: 
Brennan Less
Rengie Chan
Leo Rainer
Haoran Zhao