Deep Energy Retrofit Survey: Market Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges

Survey Checklist

This survey will clarify market drivers, opportunities and challenges to broaden the adoption of deep energy retrofits. We are interested to learn: 

  • What motivates and deters DER projects in today’s market
  • Promising strategies and technologies
  • Non-cost aspects of retrofit measures that make them more or less desirable for homeowners and contractors 

You have the option to list your company name as a data contributor to this project. Your responses will help guide the future of home retrofit research and the technology priorities of the Department of Energy. 


Thank you to our data contributors 

A George Beeler, Architect - California
Az. Energy Efficient Home - Arizona
Berges Home Performance - Ohio
BIRAenergy - California
Build Equinox - Illinois
Byggmeister, Inc. - Massachusetts
Calnan's Energy Systems inc. - Massachusetts
Decumanus Green Design/Build - Massachusetts
Design AVEnues LLC - California
ELEM3NTS-E3, INC. - California
John Craig Construction, Inc - California
MA DOER - Massachusetts
Minnick's - Maryland
The Levy Partnership - New York
Think Little - Virginia
United Way of Long Island - New York
Wise Home Energy - New York

About the survey

  • The survey will take about 20-minutes to complete. 
  • You can stop responding to questions at any point, but your responses up to that point will be preserved in our database.
  • Your response is anonymous. The survey does not ask for your company name or contact info.

Who funded this research?

This research is funded by the Department of Energy.  

Who should respond to this survey? 

We welcome responses from all building energy professionals who have worked on deep energy retrofit projects or are involved in related programs. This may include:

  • Home performance contractors
  • Weatherization contractors
  • General contractors
  • Home energy raters
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Architectural or mechanical designers
  • Efficiency program managers

How do I find out the results from this survey? 

If you are a survey participant, you will receive a brief summary of the responses collected thus far at the end of completing the survey. 

We plan to publish our analysis of the survey results in Spring 2021.

Who do I contact for more information? 

Please email us at [email protected] 


Principal Investigator(s): 
Iain Walker
Team Members: 
Brennan Less
Rengie Chan
Leo Rainer
Haoran Zhao