How RIVEC interfaces with home appliances and the building envelope

Chart showing RIVEC moderating ventilation, controlling exposures over a five-day period

RIVEC stands for Residential Integrated VEntilation Controller. The main idea behind RIVEC is to minimize the energy use and allow the avoidance of peak costs and to avoid bringing in excessive outdoor pollutants. It uses control algorithms developed to provide the same annual exposure as a continuously operating whole house mechanical ventilation system. It avoids over ventilating by sensing the operation of other systems that move air in and out of the house (like bathroom/kitchen exhausts and clothes dryers) and turning off the whole house fan when appropriate. It can also be programmed to avoid times of high energy use (at night in winter and summer afternoons when cooling) or high outdoor pollutants (e.g., ozone) and ventilate more at other times to ensure the same exposure. The current project is a field study in five homes to demonstrate RIVEC operation. This includes monitoring of home heating and cooling energy use, RIVEC operation and measurements of air exchange rates. RIVEC has a Provisional Patent: US Patent Application #61/287,356 [LBL IB-2715P].

Principal Investigator(s): 
Iain Walker