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Rapp, Vi H., Brett C. Singer, Chris J. Stratton, Craig P. Wray, and Brennan Less. Assessment of Literature Related to Combustion Appliance Venting Systems., 2015.PDF icon PDF (3.35 MB)
Less, Brennan, and Iain S. Walker. Deep Energy Retrofit Guidance for the Building America Solutions Center., 2015.PDF icon PDF (1.36 MB)
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Logue, Jennifer M., William J. N. Turner, Iain S. Walker, and Brett C. Singer. A simplified model for estimating population-scale energy impacts of building envelope air-tightening and mechanical ventilation retrofits. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 2015.PDF icon PDF (1.3 MB)
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Turner, William J. N., Iain S. Walker, and Max H. Sherman. Advanced Controls for Residential Whole-House Ventilation Systems., 2014.PDF icon PDF (3.04 MB)
Walker, Iain S., and Brennan Less. An Assessment of Envelope Measures in Mild Climate Deep Energy Retrofits., 2014.PDF icon PDF (1.57 MB)
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Logue, Jennifer M., Melissa M. Lunden, and Brett C. Singer. Development and Application of a Physics-Based Simulation Model to Investigate Residential PM2.5 Composition and Size Distribution Across the US., 2014.PDF icon PDF (978.41 KB)
Less, Brennan, Iain S. Walker, and Yihuan Tang. Development of an Outdoor Temperature-Based Control Algorithm for Residential Mechanical Ventilation Control., 2014.PDF icon PDF (1.56 MB)
Walker, Iain S., and Max H. Sherman. Duct Leakage Repeatability Testing., 2014.PDF icon PDF (1.14 MB)
Rapp, Vi H., and Brett C. Singer. Effect of Fuel Wobbe Number on Pollutant Emissions from Advanced Technology Residential Water Heaters: Results of Controlled Experiments., 2014.PDF icon PDF (9.16 MB)
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