Individual and Organizational Behavior

Perception. Motivation. Change. Norms. Choice. Behavior insights are key to designing energy-efficiency programs and policies that succeed. Behavior research helps ensure that, ultimately, new technologies to meet our energy and carbon reduction goals will be useable and used.

What drives behavior and decision making? Our research looks at questions of energy and feedback, user dashboards, thermostat use, occupant adaptation and coping, institutional change, societal consumption and energy "sufficiency", energy myths, and related questions and issues that all look at the social and behavioral components of energy consumption in buildings.

Our Individual and Organizational Behavior Research has five topic areas:

  1. Energy Dashboards, Smart Buildings, & Building Performance
  2. Lifestyle & Behavioral Impacts on Energy Use
  3. Sustainability, Consumption, and Organizational Change
  4. Policy and Planning for Energy Sufficiency and Zero Net Energy
  5. Energy Myths