The Residential Building Systems group (RBS) works on problems associated with whole-building integration involving modeling, measurement, design, and operation. Most of its tasks focus on the movement of air and associated penalties involving distribution of pollutants, energy and fresh air.

Systems diagnostics
System analysis tools
System characteristics and guidelines
Advanced technologies
Energy dashboards, smart buildings, & building performance
Lifestyle and behavioral impacts on energy use
Sustainability, consumption, & organizational change
Policy, planning for energy sufficiency, zero net energy
Energy myths
Research supporting healthy & energy efficient homes
Measurements and experiments in the lab and in homes
Analysis of pollutant exposures & health impacts
Proven strategies for energy savings of 75% or more
Changing building performance industry practice, standards
Ventilation, moisture, & IAQ for low-energy homes
Tech development: ventilation controls & dehumidifiers
Residential integration: bridging gaps in research
Balance ventilation health benefits, energy costs
Develop and evaluate innovative ventilation strategies
Simulate whole-house ventilation and energy performance
Field measurement of building performance
Enable development of consensus standards, codes
Access RBS's (formerly EPB's) historical research and findings