Residential Buildings

The Residential Building Systems (RBS) group works on problems associated with residential building integration involving modeling, measurement, design, and operation. Our research predominantly focuses on Decarbonization and Energy Reductions in homes together with Indoor Air Quality, Moisture and other topics related to air movement in buildings.

LBNL and Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC), presents the Home Decarbonization SEMINAR SERIES 2024

Challenges and Opportunities for Home Decarbonization

The Building Decarbonization Coalition and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are collaborating on a seminar series called Challenges and Opportunities for Home Decarbonization. The seminar series aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of the home decarbonization energy transition. We will hear from industry experts and researchers who are actively engaged in working on home electrification and decarbonization. They will share their latest experience and insights to provide practical solutions for getting to scale with the sustainable energy transition in homes. As well as technical solutions, these seminars will cover topics including affordability, equity, workforce and resilience. Join us for the first of the series below!


SEMINAR 2 - Architectural Challenges in Shaping Sustainable Residential Buildings
March 27, 2024 - 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

In the pursuit of sustainable residential architecture, decarbonization stands as an important objective, demanding innovative approaches and steadfast commitment from architects and the building sector. This seminar delves into the challenges that architects encounter throughout the design process when integrating decarbonization solutions into their residential projects. From design to execution, architects confront multifaceted considerations, ranging from technological limitations to economic constraints and regulatory frameworks. Balancing aesthetic aspirations with carbon reduction imperatives, architects find themselves navigating a complex zone of decisions, where every choice resonates through the environmental and social fabric. Drawing from real-world residential case studies and expert insights, this seminar sheds light on the diverse array of hurdles the residential design process faces, offering an understanding of the dynamic interplay between design intent and sustainable outcomes. 


Tim McDonald - President at Onion Flats

Tom White - Director of building performance and sustainability at EDEN Housing

Katie Ackerly - Principal at David Baker Architects

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RoadmapROADMAP for Home Decarbonization

Decarbonizing the US housing stock is a complex and difficult undertaking. This report summarizes the challenges in getting to scale to decarbonize large numbers of existing homes. It identifies key opportunities for overcoming these challenges based on three key priorities:

  • Develop solutions for all households
  • Make home dearbonization affordable
  • Support the US clean energy economy

This report provides targeted guidance and background information to help residential building decarbonization initiatives succeed and supports the US Department of Energy's Building Technology Office goal to achieve low/no carbon emission in existing homes by 2050.

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We have also prepared some simple Q&A's to supplement this report.


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