Capabilities & Tools

Capabilities and Tools

Fiels Study 1

Field Studies

Field studies of energy use, moisture and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in dwellings including advanced diagnostics and long-term monitoring capabilities.

Lab StudiesLab Studies

Laboratory studies of building airflows and airborne contaminants. We have several test facilities including indoor environmental chambers with state-of-the art measurements capabilities for particles and gaseous contaminants.



Simulation of buildings and systems. This includes advanced co-simulation capabilities using CONTAM and Energy Plus as well as in-house simulation software for HVAC and contaminants exposure in homes.

Ventilation TechnologiesVentilation Technologies

Developing ventilation technologies to save energy and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

ASHRAEBuilding Codes

Developing codes, standards, test methodologies, diagnostics and other guidance for the building industry.