Unique Social Networking Community for Home Performance and Weatherization Professionals Launched by Home Energy Saver Web site and Home Energy Magazine

October 29, 2010

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Home Energy Saver website project, and Home Energy magazine, have announced the launch of Home Energy Pros, an open social network for home performance and weatherization professionals.

Home Energy Pros connects building professionals and others interested in home energy efficiency by offering an online community for sharing tools, resources, and knowledge among experts and peers in the home energy field. Members can create personalized profiles, read blogs by industry experts (and start their own), and participate in relevant discussions of home performance topics. They can also join a variety of special interest groups, learn about upcoming industry-related events and post photos and videos. Membership in the Home Energy Pros social networking site is free.

"Social networking enables professionals with common interests and challenges—but who might not find one another without the internet—to build collaborative communities," said Evan Mills, who leads the Home Energy Saver project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Home Energy Pros is the first social networking site of its kind. We encourage home energy and weatherization professionals, contractors, inspectors, homeowners, real estate professionals, and anyone with an interest in home performance and energy efficiency to join us. Our goal is to offer a vibrant destination for sharing ideas and forming meaningful connections that will benefit and enrich the entire home performance community as this industry ramps up steeply in the coming months and years."

"The future for home performance and weatherization professionals is wide open, and new players are entering the field every day. Everyone's voice is important," says Jim Gunshinan, Editor of Home Energy magazine. "We're excited about this community being a place for professionals to come to talk and share practical information that individuals and businesses need to be successful."

About Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver is the web's first do-it-yourself home energy audit tool. Millions of people have used it to save energy at home, while trimming energy bills and reducing greenhouse gases. Home Energy Saver was the created by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. This project was sponsored by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

About Home Energy Magazine

Home Energy, the magazine of home performance, covers residential energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and green building issues for remodelers, builders and contractors.