Building Airtightness: Research and Practice

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This report summarizes the state of the art on building air tightness by reviewing the current and recent literature on both research and practice. The focus of this report is on techniques to measure the tightness of the building envelope and on what has been learned by doing so. This report reviews over 100 of the most important publications relating to the topic. The report covered the fundamentals of air leakage including the hydrodynamics of leaks, which has led to all of the measurement techniques currently in use. The measurement techniques reviewed focus on the fan pressurization technique and its derivates, but the report covers novel techniques as well. Air tightness metrics allow data to be shared and compared and the basic air tightness metrics are reviewed and discussed as well as a brief discussion on norms and normalization. The bulk of the report discusses data which has been taken over the last twenty years and what it can tell us about buildings of different types, locations and properties.


State of the Art in Ventilation

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