A Predictive Air Infiltration Model—Field Validation and Sensitivity Analysis

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In this paper, we report on a comparative study of residential infiltration as predicted by our computer model and as measured in our Mobile Infiltration Test Unit (MITU) as well as in selected test houses, both occupied and unoccupied. Sensitivity analyses were also conducted on each parameter contained in the model against data obtained from MITU. The predictive model, which projects infiltration rates based on selected building and site parameters and local weather conditions, and the MITU, a portable test structure designed to continuously monitor air infiltration, local weather, and indoor-outdoor pressure differences, are fully described. From these field validation and sensitivity tests, we determined that the most critical parameters for accurate prediction of infiltration in residences in terms of accuracy of prediction are the leakage area of the building shell and the degree to which the structure is shielded from the wind.


Proceedings Third International Symposium on Energy Conservation in the Built Environment

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