Tenant Guidelines for Energy-Efficient Renovation of Buildings at the Presidio of San Francisco

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These Guidelines are intended to help current and future tenants of the Presidio work with designers and contractors to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainable practices into the renovations of the buildings. This guide is designed to complement the detailed Guidelines for Rehabilitating Buildings at the Presidio of San Francisco (Architectural Resources Group, 1995), available from the National Park Service (see page 14).

Energy efficiency yields benefits far beyond energy savings. Daylighting and efficient electric lighting, natural ventilation and cooling, and other conservation strategies improve tenant health, comfort, and productivity, while preserving the historical heritage of Presidio buildings.

This guide examines the use of energy and resources and opportunities for efficiency in Presidio buildings on the basis of individual components and systems. We begin with recommended and discouraged practices for roofs, walls, and foundations, then move to windows and other openings. Next we address efficiency issues in building interiors—lighting, office equipment, and space planning. We follow with recommendations for mechanical and plumbing systems and conclude with insights on miscellaneous outdoor energy and resource concerns. A concise listing of sources of more detailed information is provided at the end of the document.

We expect this guide to help tenants begin the process of using energy-efficient and sustainable practices throughout the Presidio of San Francisco.

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